Sogo Header Footer

Create a simple way to add JavaScript code to individual page post or custom post type header and footer, for example: add conversion code to thank you pages add google re-marketing code to individual pages and much more… added in version 1.3 the option to add script \ style to all pages not only individual pages, this will allow you to add Google re-marketing code to the entire site or Google Analytics to use it go to “settings” – “Header Footer Settings”.

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Prices are for one calendar year. All licenses must be renewed after one calendar year for continued software updates and support access. Discounted renewal rates available for a limited time

How does it work?

Once purchasing the Premium version, you will receive email with activation code, simply paste it in the plugin setting page to activate it.

after purchase you will receive an email with the license key,  you will need to enter the code in the plugin setting page and activate it,

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