wordpress Authors Recent Posts

SOGO Author’s Recent Posts

This is a simple widget plugin, that allows you to choose one of your blog’s authors (or a random pick), and display its latest posts (as many posts as you’dd like)

this plugin does not include any desgin (css), this allow the widget to inherit the look of your theme – you may use the class of the widget to alter the desgin in your css file.


  1. Select single author or random author
  2. Select the number of recent post to display for the selected author
  3. select the post type you want to show
  4. show post date
  5. Display post excerpt
  6. you can select how many words to show in the excerpt per widget
  7. you may add additional link at the bottom of the widget for example: “View all Authors”
  8. translation ready with po file.

this plugin is free … you may download it directly from WordPress.org